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ER nursing is all I know.  I started my career later in life, but have been an ER nurse for almost 10 years.  My current role is one that is filled with mentoring, educating, support, onboarding, and retention.  I want to know what made you an ER nurse, why you stay an ER nurse, and how you handle being an ER nurse.  This is a safe place. I want to explore what tools you have to help survive patient violence, work stressors, and self care advise. Additionally, I am very interested in professional growth!!  Tips and tricks to advance yourself!!  I love silly memes and GIFs, so please share!!

For nurse leaders....being a leader in healthcare is more than budgets, schedules, payroll, and critical conversations!  It is about celebrating the people who care for the people in our communities.  

My favorite part of my leadership role is celebrating and honoring staff!   

Send me a blog...I love sharing stories!
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